Episode 2: A conversation with Shauna Griffiths

By Mark Griffin

Segments / Notes to episode:

Join us as the tables are turned. Shauna Griffiths, Founder of SLG Impact hosts a conversation with Neil and I – the Founders of PurposeFused.

In this quick 30 minute conversation we provide context to the podcast and how it fits with our our business, in addition to exploring our general philosophy, experiences and of course – magic moments.

Hold tight for episode 3 next week, where we can’t wait to bring you a conversation with Steve Tew, former CEO of the world’s most successful sports franchise in the history of sports – the New Zealand All Blacks.

Keynotes from episode 2: a conversation with Shauna Griffiths 

  1. PurposeFused vision 0.55

  2. Focusing on People, Purpose & Performance 3.00

  3. Covid-19 reflections for attracting and retaining talent 5.00

  4. Our Team – unique level of trust, transparency & cohesion 8.00

  5. Connecting with Purpose 10:17

  6. PurposeFused Formula – Purpose = Passion + Impact + Application 12:15

  7. Live it to Give it  – model what you coach 14:45

  8. Magic Moments – 16:43

  9. Who would we want to work with 23:00

  10. Questions we ask before we engage 27:00