How our results have informed our approach with clients, to go deeper, broader & further

By Mark Griffin

Assuming you want both vitality and longevity for your organization, you need to champion the same for the people who make up your organization. It’s not about the organization fighting to survive longer than its competitors. It’s about unearthing, nurturing, and leveraging the vitality within the organization. And in today’s technological, societal, and geopolitical context, this vitality is your people. So, that requires enriching their wellbeing & activating their impact as part of inspiring their performance (think “WIP”). Our approach is to partner with you to go deeper, broader, and further in optimizing your people’s potential, throughout the employee lifecycle.

A) Delving Deeper: The solution to all organizational challenges lies in deep self-awareness among your people. This foundational step not only cultivates a greater capacity – and motivation – to change, but also addresses the fundamental human needs that make or break organizational success. There is no team-level change without self-awareness.

Learning from human development theory and research, after ensuring psychological safety and self-esteem, we honor five “fundamental truths” crucial for every high-performing organization’s success and growth:

1. Connection & Belonging: Fostering a sense of community within the organization.

2. Value Contribution: Empowering individuals to take pride in their contributions as meaningful and impactful.

3. Meaning: Cultivating an awareness of outcomes and purpose resulting from daily activities.

4. Recognition: Acknowledging and appreciating individuals for their contributions.

5. Autonomy & Growth: Crafting a clear path forward with the support, challenges, and freedom they need to pursue their potential.

By starting with self-awareness, these fundamental needs are met, even as individuals are challenged and stretched in their roles, thereby enhancing organizational performance.

B) Broadening Perspectives: Acknowledging the interconnectedness of personal and professional lives, we recognize the importance of addressing both identities. It’s not about balance, it’s about pursuing our best selves and desired impact across all areas of life. At PurposeFused, we facilitate this integration with simple frameworks and reflective tools, enabling individuals to recognize and achieve their ideal blend. When they have meaningful experiences and relationships across all facets of life, individuals enjoy increased energy, fulfillment, and happiness. And that makes them better colleagues, as well as family and community members, throughout their lives.

C) Going Further: Our proven three-step methodology drives immediate action and momentum while ensuring long-term sustainability. Achieving deep self-awareness through blended learning methods (individual and group coaching, peer dialog, workshops, digital resources, and self-study tools), we empower individuals to enhance their capacity, motivation, and performance. Combining this individual learning with leadership, culture, wellbeing and energy assessments at scale, we align individual ambitions and impact with those of the organization. This simultaneously bottom-up and top-down approach fosters new understanding, clarity, and confidence that is shared, and thus sustainable for all members of the team, as well as the organization itself. Individuals develop resilience, adaptability, and motivation, which increase trust and productivity, driving consistently elevated performance towards organizational goals. That’s vitality and longevity combined.