Our Impact

PurposeFused programs are highly impactful in increasing employees commitment to your organization, while also improving performance. As a result of guided reflection, analysis, and connections, participants spend more time and energy contributing at their best. That is good for their own wellbeing and performance, as well as your organization’s.

Key achievement and Improvements

Time & Energy Optimization

Opportunity to step back and review their life and work holistically enabled participants to reallocate enerygy and time to their highest value contributions.


Proven process to discover, articulate, evaluate, and embed purposeful, best self contributions, in daily and long-term ambitions to improve performance, motivation, and satisfaction.

Authentic Connection

Safe context in which to practice and model openness, vulnerability, and mutual support across team and department lines, building trust and collaboration

Key Takeaways from PurposeFused Program Participants


strongly agree that they now understand ‘how to focus their energy for best impact’


‘are commited to their actions for change’


‘see how their purpose can contribute to business objectives’


‘have a better understanding of the contribution they can make to a team and organizations’.


have a ‘greater understanding of the different ways people contribute.’


‘better understand their strengths to engage with and influence other’.

Ultimately, we consider our impact in three dimensions: Me, We, and World. The powerful outcomes our partners experience, depending on the specific nature of our engagement, include: