Purpose & Performance Programs

PurposeFused’s Signature Purpose Program is a comprehensive one-to-one (121) coaching initiative. It leverages the Live & Lead with Purpose curriculum but goes beyond, guiding you to refine your distinctive style of confident, authentic, purpose-driven leadership.

By the program’s conclusion, you will gain a deep understanding of your true self—identifying your unique qualities and influence. This self-awareness will empower you to create a meaningful impact in all aspects of your life and work. Our journey will delve into reflective explorations, revisiting places and themes you may not have explored in some time, and uncovering the driving forces behind your passion and energy.

With Purpose as the guiding principle, we collaborate with you, concentrating on the most impactful inputs to shape your thinking as you craft a tangible plan for future action and impact.

The Live & Lead with Purpose program is an insightful, challenging and practical initiative designed to empower you to understand your authentic best-self. Through a series of online activities and with the support of workshops and coaching in a safe environment, you will discover what makes you tick and what is most meaningful to you.

By gaining a deeper understanding of yourself and your motivations, our goal is to help you focus your contributions across all spheres of your life on what matters most to you. We will explore your long-term aspirations and guide you in realizing them while making a purpose-driven impact at work and beyond, in your overall life.

Through our LLWP program, see how the J.M. Smucker Co. repurposed 1,300 employee hours for performance, engagement and commitment. Watch here.

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The ‘3 Whys’ program involves participation in a blend of workshops, coaching, digital reflection activities and impact assessments. These components delve below the surface to discover the shared purpose among an organization, teams and individuals.

There are three stages of the program:

  • Why me?
  • Why us? (our team)
  • Why my company? and finally…So what?

PurposeFused guides you through the foundations upon which your commitments are made, both individually and collectively. By the end of the program, you will have a clear understanding of when and how you perform at your best, the unique contribution you bring to your team and organization and how you can offer and receive support from your colleagues as you work towards achieving your goals together.

Learn more about the ‘3 Whys’ program here.

PurposeFused is an accredited partner of the GC Index ®, an organimetric tool that measures a person’s energy for making a contribution and impact. We utilize insights from a bespoke team impact report as the foundation for our workshops, assisting clients in understanding how to best leverage the talent within their team. This includes effectively contributing in areas of strength and navigating challenges in other areas. We delve into each person’s contribution towards business objectives, identifying strategies for improved communication and collaboration.

Teams acquire a common language and framework, unlocking their potential and fostering commitment towards shared objectives. This approach demonstrates impact and delivers game-changing results.