The GC Index and the Proclivity of Implementer: Someone’s got to do it!

By Neil Turnham


Continuing our series of explaining each of the five GC Index proclivities (i.e., our energy for impact), this month, we come to the role of the Implementer – a role that thrives on shaping strategic plans and delivering tangible outcomes.

Across the couple of hundred or so GC Index reviews that we have conducted this year with our coaching and program participants, those with Implementer as their dominant energy tend to agree that the characteristics of the proclivity resonate strongly with them, me included! Let’s take a closer look at these descriptions and what it means; in what people with a high energy for being an Implementer bring to a team.

What is the premise of the Implementer? Well, the implementers among us are typically guided by a set of beliefs, both internal and external, that fuel their actions and shape their professional identity, demonstrated by the observable way in which the Implementer makes their contribution and impact. Externally, the Implementer is driven by the belief that recognition stems from the delivery of tangible outcomes; that is to say, ‘if I complete X, I will receive recognition for it’. The drive is for seeing ideas materialize into reality. The chief internal driver of an implementer, i.e., what you really feel, is a sense of progress against a plan, milestone, or objective and the completion of tasks against those measures. This is exemplified by a can-do mindset, and that achievement is represented by things being completed according to plan. There’s no more motivating driver for an Implementer than ticking things off a task list!

Core Capability and Behavior

At the core of the Implementer’s skill set is the ability to translate high-level strategy into tangible, feasible, and realistic operational plans that are there to be met if not exceeded. This source of energy and motivation bridge the gap between conceptualization (which is the primary ‘role’ of the Game Changer and Strategist proclivities—see earlier PurposeFused posts on these) and execution. So, to the point of our title, ‘someone’s got to do it!’ The Implementer will seek to ensure that strategic visions and ideas for new products, services, processes, or indeed anything else that represents an objective, are not only understood but that those ideas are effectively implemented and brought into reality.

Behind the ethos of ‘making it happen’ are the behaviors that enable this. It is no surprise that Implementers exhibit achievement-focused behavior, where hard work manifests into concrete results that have an impact. Their internal dialogue centers around the notion that diligent effort and application will yield desired outcomes. This mindset becomes a driving force, pushing them to navigate challenges and persevere until their goals are achieved. This is the nub of the proclivity; you can have lots of ideas and a focus on what needs to happen, but there is still the requirement that it needs to actually be made to happen; who are the Implementers on your team and are they enabled to use this energy to best effect by being in the right job role and charged with tasks that will energize them?

Implementers as Leaders

It is interesting to think about this point as it is typical for most first-time users of the GC Index to view the Game Changer proclivity as the one that is most closely related to leadership behaviors. However, all five proclivities bring their approach and strengths to their approach to leadership.

As leaders, Implementers articulate clear objectives and expectations for action. They actively involve their team in shaping how objectives can be achieved, steering clear of unnecessary hands-on involvement in tasks that don’t warrant their attention. To enhance their leadership prowess in the involvement of others, they focus on developing their skills in coaching, performance management, and delegation. Conversely, Implementers feel least energized when faced with ambiguity about expectations, excessive talk without corresponding action, and impediments that hinder progress. Remember, they are focused on making things happen and achieving a result!

Bringing the Energy

Regardless of the personality traits of the Implementer (not something that is measured by the GC Index but by other tools), they communicate most effectively when they bring clarity to the ‘how’ of action. They ensure colleagues are clear about what is expected of them, shape and test others’ ideas in a constructive and practical can-do manner, and introduce their experiences in a way that is relevant to the present and future. Clearly, a leader that is also charismatic and has a connection with their colleagues or staff will excel with this approach. Furthermore, Implementers play a crucial role in transitioning teams from the thinking, debating, and planning phase onto action by constructively guiding, initiating, and driving the process through.

In terms of energy, the Implementer needs to look after themselves (as we all do!) to stay energized and focused themselves. Clarity of objectives and expectations without any unnecessary and superfluous discussion will be how to guarantee an Implementer will drive forward with action and purpose and sustained motivation.


The Implementer, with their unique blend of beliefs, energy, and behaviors, emerges as a pivotal force in leadership and a contributor to a team, at whatever level. Their ability to transform strategy into an action plan and then drive through these into tangible outcomes not only cements their worth for themselves but also to a team where they foster a culture of achievement. By understanding and harnessing the strengths of the Implementer, organizations can navigate the complex terrain of strategic and operational execution with urgency, focus, confidence, and precision. In other words, Implementers are worth their weight in gold!

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