The GC Index and the Proclivity of Strategist: Unravelling the Pattern Seekers

By Neil Turnham

Continuing our series where we spotlight each of the five GC Index proclivities, this month we explore the Strategist’. Individuals are more engaged with certain proclivities, some more than others, which will drive their behavior, leadership style, contribution, and ultimately their impact on the world. The more pragmatic, idea-focused proclivity, as defined by the GC Index, is known as the Strategist, and we will look more closely at the attributes that someone with a strong Strategist proclivity may bring. It is characterized by a unique set of attributes that revolve around a strong energy for, and the ability to decipher patterns and trends in events and data. This article explores the essence of the proclivity and aims to shed some light on the internal drivers, values, behaviors, and leadership approaches of the people who have a strong affinity for the proclivity and adopt it in their day-to-day.

Understanding the Strategist Proclivity

The Strategist is a visionary archetype who excels at identifying patterns and trends in a world brimming with information, data, and opinions. Strategist types have internal drivers that are rooted in a deep-seated desire to bring order to this chaos and use this as the basis upon which to predict the future. They believe in the possibility of crafting a positive vision for the future, making the world a better and more orderly place through their insights.

Strategists are most energized when they can make sense of their world and see a clear path forward. They thrive when they have the freedom to bring structure to their work and life, and they find their energy from having a clear sense of purpose and direction. Below is a deeper description of what this means.

Core Capabilities of the Strategist

At the heart of the Strategist’s abilities lies their enthusiasm and knack for joining the dots to uncover trends and patterns that reveal the bigger picture. The focus of this contribution (and acquired skill) enables them to see connections where others may see only fragments of information as individual pieces.

They thrive on making sense of seemingly disparate events, thereby making their world (and the projects and events that they choose to get involved with) in their eyes more predictable and controllable. It is this internal dialogue and belief that revolves around the concept of making sense of the world that drives their behaviors. They consistently focus on looking for patterns and trends in their surroundings to inform their actions.

Strategists operate under the assumption that the world is a rational place. They believe that with enough analysis and insight, the seemingly chaotic events around them can be deciphered and understood. This perspective fuels their passion for seeking meaningful information. Allied to this is that one of the central values held by Strategists is the belief that it is possible to make sense of events. This belief serves as the foundation of their work, driving them to dig deeper and connect the dots, even when faced with complex challenges and the need to consider disorganized data.

What about the value that the Strategist brings?…

Strategists communicate most effectively when they can articulate a comprehensive picture and plan for the future that everyone can “buy into” – a critical attribute for collaboration and striving as a team towards a common goal. They excel at describing the “what” and the “why,” taking operational constraints into account, which makes sense of plans.

When it comes to leadership, the approach of the Strategist is centered on explaining the “why” to people, providing them with a purpose for their actions. They collaborate with team members, particularly Implementers and Polishers (these proclivities will be spotlighted in forthcoming articles by PurposeFused), to test predictions about the future and convert strategic objectives into actionable plans. They are also willing to adapt and change direction in response to shifting circumstances.

In summary, the world needs individuals with a diverse mix of proclivities to navigate its complexities and understand how we all work most effectively. The Strategist proclivity, as defined by the GC Index, embodies the qualities of pattern recognition, visionary thinking, and the desire to create a positive future. Understanding the attributes and motivations of Strategists can be invaluable in harnessing their unique talents and contributions to make the world a better and more understandable place for us all.

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