Why this matters to you: developing wellbeing, impact and performance to generate a future you’ll all be proud of

By Mark Griffin

The best future is the one you intentionally create. We all benefit from having a North star vision to set our individual and collective direction. Meaningful ambitions towards the impact we want to have in the world – the legacy we want to build – guide our journey.

For many of our clients, they take a cohesive approach to wellbeing impact and performance (WIP), as follows:

Impact extends beyond shareholders to include all organizational stakeholders, including employees, but also customers, suppliers, and other community members. To realize outcomes for these multiple groups, they retain wise, senior talent; attract energetic next-gen leaders; strengthen organizational capacity for change; and optimize engagement and productivity with investments proven to enhance people’s wellbeing. These approaches to building a purpose-driven organization sustain outperformance.

Our experience, practice, and ethos revolve around three principles that set successful organizations apart:

1. Invest in your people’s self-awareness, performance, and clarity of purpose.

2. Align their strengths, passions, and energy toward team goals.

3. Normalize discussion, accountability, and metrics for individual and team futures of which you’ll all be proud.

By doing so, you champion work-life harmony, elevate mastery and engagement, and co-create purposeful futures for your team. These outcomes, which are what all your people want, are good for them as individuals, but also for your organization and the world around you. This win-win-win approach cultivates advantageous levels of contribution, cohesion, and collaboration, establishing a creative, resilient, and vibrant culture. These win-win-wins are the target of our deeper, broader, and further strategy that gives our partners an unfair advantage.

Senior leaders and founders hear things about our programs that is “unlike feedback [they have] ever received before from any training, or coaching.” Employees describe our engagements as “transformational,” “changing perspectives” and providing “invaluable feedback” that has had a “profound impact”. They have found “clarity, focus and actionable insights” that have significantly boosted productivity and yielded material savings. Specifically, an average size group of 250 people repurposed 75,000 hours per year to more impactful and aligned activities, improving their engagement, motivation, and contributions to their teams. These changes, aligned to organizational and personal objectives, are sustainable and self-perpetuating well beyond our programs, which makes them highly cost- and time-efficient.

Key drivers of a vital organization, per available research, include:

  • 2.2x increase in retention for employees who feel pride, and 2.7x for those aligned with purpose (1). Aligning contributions with impact, recognizing them, and crafting purposeful futures directly build pride and alignment to purpose.
  • 87% of Gen Z professionals prioritize company purpose, and 85% have positive opinions about companies doing good (2). Aligning individual and organizational purpose sets you apart in attracting and retaining rising talent.
  • Workers with high purpose and well-being are 20x more likely to be engaged at work (3). Investing in holistic well-being, performance, and impact through deep self-reflection is the path to this massive driver of savings on disengagement and churn.
  • Companies investing in purpose outperform on value by 120–175% (4). Investing in your people’s purpose alongside organizational purpose results in yields far beyond this.

We’ve embraced our learnings from decades of doing this work in a wide variety of contexts, to partner with our clients to co-create cutting-edge, evidence-based, and efficient programs that go deeper, broader, and further. We’re deeply validated by their pride-worthy progress that makes a meaningful and lasting impact for their people, their business, and in the world.

We invite you to join us on this transformative journey, fueling you, your team, and your organization with the vitality and purpose needed for sustained success. Oh – and we’ll have a bit of fun along the way, too!

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